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Integris Baptist Medical Center Oklahoma City OK - by Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts


<p>The Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK, is the state&#8217;s
  largest health system. The medical complex includes a hospital, mental health
  facility, rehabilitation center, and more. In addition to their main complex,
  Integris also includes a network of clinics, physician offices, home health
  agencies, specialists, and independent living centers. </p>
<p>A nonprofit organization, the professionals at Integris strive to deliver the
  best in healthcare to Oklahomans while also advancing the scientific, educational,
  and charitable goals set out by the board of directors.</p>
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<p>Integris Baptist Medical Center<br>
  3300 Northwest Expressway<br>
  Oklahoma City, OK 73112<br>
<p><a href = "http://integrisok.com/">http://integrisok.com/</a><br>