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Mercy Health Center Oklahoma City - by Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts


<p>The Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City is the sixth largest Catholic health
  system in the United States. More than three million patients visit Mercy every
  year. The health center is made up of 32 different hospitals and has over 300
  outpatient locations. Mercy has over 39,000 employees and 2,000 physicians.
  In addition to its primary location in Oklahoma City, Mercy operates hospitals
  and has associates in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and across Oklahoma.</p>
<p>Mercy Hospital was founded in 1827 by Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of
  Mercy in Dublin, Ireland. The physicians and others who work at Mercy continue
  to follow the dedication to health and wellness that Sister McAuley brought
  to that first hospital.</p>
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<p>Mercy Health Center<br>
  4300 W. Memorial Road<br>
  Oklahoma City, OK 73120<br>
<p><a href = "http://www.mercy.net/oklahomacityok">http://www.mercy.net/oklahomacityok</a><br>